4L80E 6-Pinion Planetary Sets (1991-96 2.97 1st/1.57 2nd Gear Ratios)

4L80E 6-Pinion Planetary Sets (1991-96 2.97 1st/1.57 2nd Gear Ratios)
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One of the most critical elements of any GM street/strip or towing application is acceleration. With that in mind, drivetrain engineers at TCI® recently designed two new 6-pinion planetary sets for 4L80E transmissions that provide powerful launches and improved gear transitions. Available in 2.75 1st/1.57 2nd or 2.97 1st/1.57 2nd gear ratios, these kits can release the true performance potential of your engine, whether at the strip or pulling a trailer, by increasing takeoff power by 10 and 17 percent, respectively.

With a 6-pinion rear and 5-pinion front planetary, as well as heavy-duty CNC-machined billet construction, these planetary sets increase load capacity by as much as 17 percent, thereby giving GM performance enthusiasts more drivetrain durability in the long run. In addition, the lower 1st and 2nd gear ratios significantly increase take-off power for better all-around performance and improve the rpm drop of the engine between gears. Simply put, the TCI® 4L80E 6-Pinion Planetary Sets will unleash the performance potential of any GM 4L80E-equipped street or drag racing application.

A perfect combination of durability and street/strip performance, these planetary sets are ideal for any GM performance enthusiast looking to improve acceleration right off the line.

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