Camshaft Lobe Center Marking Tool Set


The Camshaft Lobe Center Marking Tool Set makes achieving perfect lobe to lifter alignment easy and reduces the possibility of failure when installing a flat tappet cam. With three different size tools (.842", .875" and .904"), the set fits nearly all GM, Ford and Chrysler lifter bore diameters. Lightweight, precision CNC-machined aluminum construction will not harm your cam, and a common ¼-20 threaded fit on top of the tools allows bolts to be screwed in place for easy removal out of deeper lifter bores.

This easy-to-use tool set allows for quick and effortless measurements. Simply mark the cam lobe with a marking fluid such as machinist blue layout marker or dry erase marker, install the cam, and then place the tool in the lifter bore. Next, turn the cam over to mark a line around the cam lobe, and then remove the cam. Simply measure the distance from the edge of the lobe and change shims to achieve the correct lobe to lifter alignment. Safeguarding your camshaft is that simple with the Camshaft Lobe Center Marking Tool Set.