StreetFighter Converter, AMC, 1972-80 Torque Command 727

 1972-80 Torque Command 727 StreetFighter® Torque Converter


Torque Converters

Beginning in 1978 for Chrysler and 1979 for American Motors, a lock-up torque converter was used with most transmissions. NOTE: You cannot interchangea lock-up converter with a conventional non lock-up converter. The transmission input shaft and valve body used for lock-up applications are different. TCI® offers converters for these two styles of operation. When changing to an aftermarket torque converter, you may need to replace the OEM flexplate. TCI® Part #145200 and Part #145300 flexplates are both heavy-duty units required when using a 10", 9", 8" or 7" torque converter. In conjunction with the converter and flexplate, you will also need to use TCI® Part #146200 7/16"-20 converter bolts.

TCI® also has external balanced flexplates that must be used when replacing an OEM externally balanced converter with an aftermarket non-weighted converter. This combination will allow a neutral balance between the converter and the transmission that is a must when using aftermarket parts.

Built with 7/16" x 20 mounting lugs (Hemi style)