Super StreetFighter® Converter, Ford, 1980-93 AOD, 5.0L, 11.4" Bolt Circle

1980-93 AOD, 5.0L, 11.4" Bolt Circle Super StreetFighter™ Torque Converter

The Super StreetFighter™ Torque Converter has all of the same features of the StreetFighter®, but offers higher stall speeds for high performance street/strip vehicles.

Features: Furnace-brazed fins, needle bearings thrust washers, hardened pre-ground hub, computer balancedBenefits: High torque multiplication, higher RPM launches, lower elapsed times, 2000+ stall speed increases over stock

Flexplate must be drilled for 7/16" bolts

Ford AOD applications MUST use TCI® Part #439600 input shaft