Super StreetFighter® Converter, Ford, 2005-10 Mustang 5R55S (V8 Applications Only)

2005-10 Mustang 5R55S (V8 Applications Only) Super Streetfighter™ Torque Converter

Torque Converter

One of the newest products from the drivetrain engineers at TCI® is a 10” diameter high performance torque converters that bolt right in to any 2005-2010 Ford Mustang with 5R55 automatic transmission. Featuring a 3500 rpm stall speed and TCI®-designed high performance internal components, '05-'10 Mustang owners can expect as much as a half second improvement in their quarter mile times with no loss in daily street drivability.

This street-compatible, full lock-up torque converter features all of the high-tech engineering you would expect from TCI® - a hand-built steel stator, heavy-duty clutches, furnace-brazed turbine fins, a modified impellor fin angle and INA thrust bearings for lowered internal friction. All this equates to a durable torque converter that will deliver lower operating temperatures and the ultimate in performance.